How to Fight the Demon of Noon Day Psalm 90


pray. and don’t just lie there, no matter how afraid of it you are, work on your talent.  This working on your talent is your gift back to God, your way of honouring the responsibility of the talent that He has given to you.  And you do the best that you can, and you do it with the goal of increasing your talents by sharing it,  for this is what God wants you to do….


The ultimate talent that was given to us is Life….and how we live that life will determine our fate in the after life…and I do know that there is such a thing…

If I can learn how to understand life as a gift, as myself truly being a creature created and wanted by God, rather than some random aggregation of atomic molecules, layered upon .layered upon layers….Then there is no end to how I learn to manifest the archetype in my being.   It is an infinite ontological journey, centered in the Maker, the Creator…ie. Christ.

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