story of finding identity in a dystopian society

I have found that I like writing stories, drawing them, and composing music for them.

When people ask me who is my favorite graphic novelist, the first person that comes to mind is Dave McKean, and the second is Art Spiegleman, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Seattle, a long time ago, and what I remember most about that meeting was how much he smoked, one cigarette after another...but Maus is a different masterpiece type of Masterpiece than McKean's Cages, but one none the less. 

I lost my copy of Cages, and it is finally in print again, so I'm looking forward to having it again. 

I have been playing guitar since 15 years of age, in a defiant act against being told i would not be allowed to play.
a nun gave me my first guitar, a goya...which was stolen from me....
I have been writing plays, poetry and songs since 12 years of age, 
and recently in earnest began to perform:

Places I have performed:

Washington Square Park
Pike Place Market
Portland Square
Olympia Washington.

Recorded a lost tape:  Wild World.

Newest offering is called "matchgirl"  

I have been drawing since 3 or 4, and really interested in art printing and comics since a young child, and finally getting to do this. Finally got to go to an art school I wanted to go to since very young Pratt Institute of Art, MWPAI_Utica, NY Campus. Challenging and Great two years...

struggling with wounds of the soul to get to a peaceful place in the heart by grace

have a special place in my heart for people suffering from mental illness, and the people who are their therapists, and loved ones...we can be quite a handful to be around.

nonetheless, I consider mental illness to be an illness of the soul, and there is hope..

born in new york, have lived in colorado, oregon and seattle, and now am back in new york.

my comix, aka graphic novel or desimagistes novellas is a way through dealing with this crazy mixed up world....

in an dystopian world 

the authentic life is Orthodoxy and I am learning to let it heal me and to know that my True Identity is in Christ.