Pick One Actionable Thing You Can Do In Your Community..Besides Start a You Tube Channel

Prayer is All we've Got Folks, yesterday today and forever...except in the forever times I think prayer will be more of a praising type of endeavour.  But so is doing, we have got to be doing something as well, and while voting is a very good and essential thing, look around you.  What are you grumbling about, what they are teaching in the schools?  Figure out what you would like to see done, and figure out that one thing YOU can do to move that forward.  Meeting with liked minded people and making actionable plans, keeping each other accountable?   Do this as a project guys, together, and don't forget to go to Church.  


The only reason the otherside is so rowdy right now, is because no one is doing anything, also on the ground to stand up to them;  And I don't mean just rally, I mean engaging in the system in a way that insures the "system" works as it is suppose to work, and not how our enemy wants to distort the "system" to make it work for them and their UnGodly agenda. 

Think about it, Folks.  


It's fun to virtue signal on FB, or show up for a rally....but it more necessary to get up out of the arm chair, and make real spiritual and practical investments, which include genuinely praying to God, to get us out of this pickle we are in.


My two cents for the day.

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