Entering the Arena of the Performer

Coming out of a period of when I have not done much with my music, and finding myself now with the space to look to it again with the view of doing some busking again, I do feel stronger technically, and confidently.  It may not look like that, but I know what I have to do now to basically have some fun with this. I'm starting out with Friday NIghts Songs From My Childhood which I publish on Instagram, raw;  and reacquainting myself with the songs that have inspired me growing up, and also realizing how subversive they were.  As a Christian, I could see now how there is a lot of philosophies that Blessed Seraphim Rose speaks so eloquently about, and which, I myself wrote about in a thesis I finished, about the same time I was beginning to acquire the phromena of the Orthodox Church.  Although I'm planning to enter Art Education at Buffalo, SUNY, I also hope to keep creating folk music that reflects the values which I have adopted as a lifesaver from so much confusion. 

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