windows voice recorder and landr mastering: the artists public offering

So being an independent artist, well, creativity rules in finding resources to make a project a reality., t...and often times its difficult to get one's art out there in its most 'out there' ready format.  Thanks to the internet economy, aka the people to people economy...artists such as myself can leverage a variety of ways of financing their projects. There has been alot of success with crowdfunding sites such as kickstarter and indiegogo!   This is wonderful...because it levels the marketing field for the little guy to make the appeal directly to potential fans...My initial offering to the people is the rough mix digital download you receive for just $4.98.  Later down the line, you will be able to own the paperback and cd and/or vinyl version of the Lilith Other Sister Trilogy Part I -Damaged Goods/"that girl"  with its corresponding soundtracks for just 19.98!!  For now, for just $4.98 you can purchase the digital versions and enjoy while you wait for the paperback and cd versions...So get your own copies and  Enjoy!    

The tangible Lilith's Other Sister and its soundtrack "that girl"  will be available in June 2016.   UPDATE: Projected Release 1 October 2020

So here is the timeline:   
1st of October: Release of Single AmericanSpirit

15 of November: Release of Lilith's Other Sister Part I Graphic Novella and its Soundtrack That Girl

Thanks so much for your Support. It means so much to me!!!!


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