So, Yea, Practice in the Time of Chaos


this country has been for the last four years experiencing upheaval after upheaval. This president has been attacked so blatantly, even brazenly by people who have lost all sense of decorum, it has been somewhat, to say the least shocking initially and now numbing to watch.  I voted for this president, and although he's not perfect (which president has been perfect? Someone tell me!); he nor the country deserves what I can only characterize as a prolonged siege with the intent of destabilizing him and the people who voted him in.  And I think he is different, I think he is willing to die for this country, and that is where his strength is coming from. From his actual love for this country and its people...and no he is not Jesus,  but I believe his love is genuine. 

And that counts for something. I suffer from depression, and it has been very difficult for me to watch how the media is manipulating this, the deep disrespect of the president, would they have been able to censure the tweets of Eisenhower, Carter even?  The deep disrespect for authority, just because he  champions Christian values, and successful by his own labours, they want to tear him down...but this is deeper than that. Because presidents and their family are symbols, the represent the ideal in the society that they lead, and I believe it is this "ideal" that is being attacked, and the ideal is based on a Christian understanding of the family.  This attack signifies to me that what we are witnessing is a war on the fundamental values of our society, and an intent to mode it into a post-modernity. The war has been in waves, and we did not rightly understand the riots we've been experiencing over the decades. But our enemies have been watching, waiting, and planning for when this rioting behavior could be weaponized to take out a presidency, to destroy and bring a people, a country, whose leaders have not been perfect to their knees. But all of this was going to be righted with President Donald J. Trump.

What I mean to say is that. He is planning to clean the government of those people who sold out the country, who were advocating and implementing the policies of Herbert Marcuse in the CIA, the Allen Dulles of  NAZI pandering Ethnic Outreach Republican Party, NeoCons, the Ayn Randian Republican Party, the Democrats were in bed with the communists all over the world since the progressive era. that's what I gather with my research anyway, and he was going to get rid of all that...MK Ultra....all of that, he was going to clean it up, except the people on the ground don't want him to clean it up. That is the great irony. 

Growing up in a dysfunctional group homes, and such, this dysfunction is causing such great anxiety in me, and also sleepless nights.  I want to be able to do something...but I feel powerless, and I feel people around me don't know get together and do the planning, strategizing...they keep asking us for money, but not to actually mobilize to retake our local political offices, and educational boards, and they don't help us to do that, they just ask us for money, and our president is being attacked, and I'm afraid for him, and for this country. Because it won't be the same, as when JFK, MLK, Malcolm X and RFK were assassinated. Because life seemingly went on, people got up went to church, and went to work, while Hollywood worked relentlessly to erode our Christian values, and we somnolent  allowed our selves to be seduce until the addictions created addiction culture, but also turned us back to Christian faith to heal us, and now what?  Is it too late, we are still attacking Christian countries...and Trump is not able to turn the tide against that because this is 1000 years of history coming to the fore...and we ignorant are barely aware of the significance of this fight..

so I have a lot of fear, and I'm struggling to keep the fight in my heart, even though my faith is undying, I'm weak, and I worry for the very near future....

Keep Praying.


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